Shooting Schedule

We shoot on the Second Sunday, Following Saturday, Fourth Wednesday and Fifth Sunday at our range located at the Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club Outdoor Range.

Monthly Match fees:

  • $8.00 for all shooters
  • $6.00 for Abbreviated Monthly Shoots of 4 Stages
  • First-time shooters are free

Summer Hours (April 1 – September 30): Safety meeting at 9:30 am.
Winter Hours (October 1 – March 31): Safety meeting at 9:30am.

Attention: Red Castle is a gated facility, to get the gate code Sign up for our email list here.

If you think the shoot might be canceled, call one of the club officers before you come to the shoot. We will also send out an email cancellation, so be sure you are signed up for our email list.


  • If temperatures are below 29 degrees an hour before the Safety Meeting

  • If snow or freezing rain is forecast for the day.

  • If conditions outside would cause a safety issue: Like lightning, very heavy rain, or snow.

  • If conditions look bad, look for an email update that the shoot might be canceled or call a club officer the night before to check and see if the shoot is on.

  • Link to Weather Information at the range

2020 ITSASS Shooting Schedule

Second Sunday Following Saturday 4th Wednesday 5th Sunday
January 12 18 22
February 9 15 26
March 8 14 25 29
April 12 18 22
May 10 16 27
June 14 20 24
July 12 18 22
August 9 15 26 30
September 13 19 23
October 11 17 28  
November 8 14 25 29
December 13 19 23

Other Cowboy Action Shooting Opportunities around Tulsa

Interested in looking at other shoots? Here is a helpful calendar we’ve created with all the cowboy clubs within about 2 hours or so from the Tulsa area to help you find a new place to go!

Each entry is from a different club, with the state being the first two letters, and the club’s abbreviations being the last few letters. Click on an entry to find the address, name, and website for that club.