June 9, 2019 Match Recap

Hey there friends!
We had a great posse come out today for Dillard’s stages and practice for EOT. Hadn’t seen some of them in a long while – Red Knee, I’m looking your way. ūüėČ
We got a little wet on the first few stages, but then the sky cleared up and we finished out with blue skies and sunshine.
Congrats to our top 3; Deadeye Dillard, Creek County Kid, and Snake Oil George! Snake Oil even managed to come out of it with a clean match along with Smokin Okie.
Scores are up on the website and we look forward to seeing more of you next Saturday!

Good luck to those headed to EOT!

Purdy Good

Indian Territory SASS

May 22, 2019 Match Recap

Hello Friends,

We hope everyone is safe and sound from all the storms and the flooding that’s going on. We’ve checked in with a few of you and are happy that everyone has been doing good so far. Fingers crossed that the rain goes away soon.

Now to the scores..
Brazos Valley Kid got me the scores for Wednesday’s match, but wouldn’t y’all know it? Some [a lot] of you cowboys didn’t write down your categories!

So while our fancy tablets like to remember aliases and categories and I was able to input a few of you, some of you were input as “Cowboy”, so I could give you scores!

Tisk Tisk! ūüėČ If any of you have incorrect categories and would like them updated, please email me and I’ll get it changed and updated on the website as well.

Based on what we heard from Brazos, we had a couple of new shooters to the range and everyone had a good time.
Bad Crooked Aimes took that top spot home followed by our Brazos Valley Kid and Tuckered Outlaw! Congrats, ‘boys! No one managed to get away clean, though.
Our next scheduled shoot is set for June 9th. We look forward to seeing some of you at Pursuit into the Osage Nation next week! (And don’t forget that¬†Robbers’ Ruckus¬†is in September so get your entries in!)
See you soon,
Purdy Good
Indian Territory SASS
Hello friends,
Man! It was a great day for a shoot, especially one that helped us share fun and food with our cowboy family.
The forecasted rain probably scared some of you away today, but for those that came out and enjoyed the match and lunch with us today, thank you again so much for coming out and celebrating Miracle Man and Shawnee with us today.
We started the day with a little background on each of our friends, and a story about how our club got started thanks to Shawnee and his wonderful wife, Windblown. We shared some pictures of each of the men doing what they loved, and shared a moment of silence before the shooting began!
Miracle Man and Shawnee Memorial Shoot 5-11-19.jpg
The drizzle only lasted for the first stage or two, and only now and again before it stopped, leaving us with a lot of fun to be had!
We had a lot of new shooters from Miracle Man’s family come and try the sport, as well as an old friend, Dewmour Good, who came out just to watch and be a part. We didn’t come up with any good cowboy aliases today, so yours truly gave them nicknames for the day: “Jackaroo Jason” and “Good Ol’ Boy Brian”. “Trusty Trev” has shot with us before, but I don’t think he has an alias yet, just getting started.

New shooters-with-Barr-Bear and Longtown Lefty at Memorial Shoot 5-11-19.jpg
Miracle Man’s wife came out to watch and enjoy as well. Windblown was unfortunately out of town, so we might just have to have another shoot in memory of our cowboy friends! (Why not?!)
Luckily for all, we said it was a No P day. Nobody made it out clean today, and I know there were plenty of P’s that would have made it onto the scoresheet if we’d counted them!

Irish wrote the stages all to be a little different and a lot of fun. Stage 1 had the rifle targets lined up, single file. Stage 2, we used the BIG cowboy target as a dump at the far berm, and a smaller cowboy just across the creek as a pistol target, plus 6 shotgun targets! Stage 3 saw the pards shooting one pistol on one side, then rifle, then the second pistol on the other side of the Corral. And finally, at the Hotel, everything seemed doable; Three on the outside targets, 2 on the inside targets for both pistol and rifle. Then 2 shotgun targets.

05-11-19 Irish Kid explains the stage at the Hotel Miracle Man and Shawnee.jpg

After all of that, Bearded Wonder treated us to the burgers he cooked on the grill and bacon covered steak bites that Barr Bear brought for us to enjoy (they were SO good). There were chips, Texas caviar, pasta salad, chip dips, pies, cakes, cookies.. it was a great spread!

Getting food from the grillmaster Miracle Man and Shawnee memorial.jpg
It was a fine day for remembering friends and seeing family.
Congrats goes to Charles B. Gatewood for taking the top spot, followed by Irish Kid, and Barr Bear. (No one made it out clean, either!)

Scores are on the website for you! Facebook will have a lot of pictures and Videos to come soon.

Also, don’t forget we’re having a Mother’s Day shoot tomorrow! All the ladies will be shooting CLEAN(!) and I have a couple of ladies-only giveaways. ūüôā
Purdy Good

2019 Easter Shoot Recap

Hello everyone!
Happy Easter! It was a beautiful day at the range and the gorgeous weather made for a great shoot! Thirteen shooters came down to enjoy that weather with us and we were happy to see them all! We had lots of visitors that day, including Amos. Amos (pictured below, far left) came down from a skeet/trap shoot to watch his dad, Rusty Fiddler, and ended up shooting three stages with us. Might be safe to say he will be back. ūüėČ
(Everyone pictured except Coal Miner and Purdy Good)
To start our day off right, we had donuts and coffee, and of course candy. What kind of shoot would it have been if we hadn’t had a little candy?
The Easter bunny also came down to visit us yesterday and brought some cash money with him! We had a drawing for every shooter and they got to pick an Easter egg from the basket. Each egg had real money in it; $1, $5, or $10! Sassy Jo ended up with the big money; $10!
After all of the festivities, we had our shooter’s meeting then off to shooting! Ninety Caliber Al wrote up the stages and Irish Kid made up the lines, featuring all the best quotes he could have found, “Eh, what’s up doc?”, “My name is Billy Bunny and I’ve lost my eggs.”, and “Here comes Peter Cottontail.”
I think my personal favorite was on stage two, where we recreated the Cadbury bunny commercials. Those stages were a lot of fun, and this shooter can report we all had a blast. Stay tuned for videos and pictures on our Facebook page.
Biggest of congrats goes to our only clean shooter, Brazos Valley Kid, who earned himself another clean match coin!
Top 3 shooters were Irish Kid followed by Angus Red and rounded out by Brazos Valley Kid. Congrats to all 3!!
We hope to see you all next time, on April 24th for our Ol’ Coot’s Shoot or on May 12th for our Mother’s Day shoot! (Ladies will shoot with no P’s and there will be ladies drawings, too!)

See you on the range!

Purdy Good
Hey there cowpokes!
We had a brilliant day on Saturday, it’s too bad if you had to miss it!
Our St. Patrick’s Day shoot¬†came complete with Irish Cream creamer for the coffee, green giveaways, Donuts, and “gold”!
20190316_085658.jpg 20190316_085645.jpg
The weather started a little cool, but quickly warmed up as our shooters got ready for the match, enjoying hot coffee and donuts! Before we got really started, we did a drawing for the giveways!

Luck was with Angus Red, Longtown Lefty, The Bearded Wonder, and Smokin’ Okie who all got a gorgeous green carabiner, and¬†small bottle of Rem Oil. We also gave away a brick of .22 Long Rifle ammo, OFF! Deep Woods in preparation for Pursuit(!), and a nifty green tin trail cup!

After that, we got started! We had 13 shooters with us for a nice sized posse and we decided to¬†setup¬†the town square to shoot each twice with Irish Kid coming up with Irish Lines; “I’m Irish and in Jail.”, “Get me my¬†shillelagh“, “Where’s my Irish Car Bomb?” and “That’s my¬†Guiness!”
Safe to say, we all had a very fun day, but not a one of us came out clean, even just after the first stage! 
And on top of all of the fun, we had 4 new shooters come take a gander at what it means to be a cowboy shooter! We managed to convince two of them to try it out and they walked away smiling!
See their shooter videos on our Facebook page (they are uploading)!
Our big Congrats of the match goes to Angus Red, Charles B. Gatewood, and Irish Kid for taking the top three spots, respectively!
Join us again for the Ol’ Coot’s Shoot on Wednesday, March 27th!
We’ll see you on the range, Pards!
Purdy Good
Howdy shooters,  your Buzzard Gulch Reporter here, giving you an update on the latest doings in the Town.
A fun shoot was held Sunday with Eleven Brave Souls who came out to once again brave the elements.  One of these days it just HAS TO WARM THE HECK UP!!!
The day started cloudy and stayed cloudy with a cold wind again off the lake.  I suppose it would not have been too bad provided the humidity was not so high and uncomfortable.  But we all worked our way through it even though many of us were wishing we had put on that winter underwear again.
We had two new shooters who came out, “Cole Miner” was as good as his word and showed up like he said he would, with two very nice Ruger’s and a new/used $2.00 CSA hat.¬† ¬†He did not have a rifle or shotgun yet, but we made sure he had some to use so he could shoot every stage.¬† And a fine job he did too!
Our other new guy was Jerry Dollar, a Red Castle Member who came out to see what all the fuss was about up at Buzzard Gulch.  He did not go away disappointed.  We made sure he had guns and ammo to shoot and I think he had a great time and will be joining us shortly.
Clean Match Congratulations go to Jack Rabbit Slims, Brazos Valley Kid and Long town Lefty.  SALUTE!!

Top awards go to Angus Red, Jack Rabbit Slims, and J Slim! Way to go!

Our next match is scheduled for this Saturday, 18 Mar 19, Times to be announced.¬† I believe our Mayor, The Irish Kid and his gun moll, Purdy Darn Good Shooter have something of an “Irish Flair” for us.

So be good Kiddos  and as Little Fat Buddy always says  KEEP ON SHOOTIN !!!!

Indian Territory SASS

February 2019 Shoot on Saturday

Hello friends!
Saturday was F-f-freezing! When Irish and I got to the range it was 26 degrees. We¬†were seeing the tiniest of snowflakes. You better believe I got that fire and coffee started as fast as I could! Little Fat Buddy told Irish and I that, from his memory, the coldest shoot Indian Territory has ever had was 19 degrees. And he “loves it when the weather is like this”. Uh huh. Suuuurrreee. He said this as he covered his face with a¬†balaclava/face mask!
Prepared for a small group, we were pleasantly surprised when not only our die-hard cowboys came out, but also THREE NEW SHOOTERS!
“Cat Hunter” and his mom, Ida, came out to enjoy the camaraderie and watch a match, but we all know what that means.. !¬†They got guns put in their hands! Ida only shot for fun, but “Cat Hunter” shot 4 stages with us. I believe one or both may come back very soon. ūüôā
“Cole Miner” came out just to watch a match as well, and he got away with only shooting one stage, but he was sure hooked and vowed to visit again and maybe even join our Ol’ Coot’s Shoots on 4th Wednesdays.
So how did we make it through 6 stages in the bitter cold?! With fire, coffee, chocolate, hand warmers,¬†and Bad Crooked Aimes’ propane heater! Oh, and great company, of course! We closed up the doors on the livery and shot all 6 at the Church, and we left our shotguns in our carts to make it a little quicker and a little different! With such a great crowd, we had a lot of fun.
On our 5th stage, Irish Kid pulled a bail of hay and we¬†had to shoot the bow and arrow at a Sugar Pie “conversation heart” for a 10-second bonus. If we missed that but hit the bail of hay, he graciously gave us a 5-second bonus. This cowgirl did not hit either (and neither did Irish, haha!). But Cat Hunter was the ONE cowboy that hit the heart for the 10-seconds off of his time! Both Tuckered Outlaw and Little Fat Buddy hit the bail to take 5 seconds off their scores.
So yes it was cold, but we had a great time and by the time we were halfway done, the icicles were melting.
Congratulations to Irish and Tuckered for taking the top spots of this year’s Valentine’s shoot! No one managed to get away clean on this one, but I’m giving a personal round of applause to us all for showing up and sticking it out!
Say hello to your 7 out of 8 of your brave cowboys and cowgirls!
The scores are here! We’ll be shooting again on February 27th for our Ol’ Coot’s shoot.

And a quick reminder! ITSASS Dues are due! If you are interested in becoming a new ITSASS member or renewing your membership and supporting the club, you can find the membership forms and more information about our club here.

Also! Don’t forget about our member t-shirts! We’ve got a design in mind and we’ll get started with orders in March! These are member t-shirts that not only help support the club¬†but are also just a fun way to show off your cowboy membership. ūüôā
We’ll see you next time on the range, friends!
Purdy Good
Indian Territory SASS

Hey Friends!

We had quite a bit of fun today at our annual Jimmy Buffet Shoot on our 5th Sunday! The weather treated us well, and sprinkled as we got onto the range and then it left us with a pretty beautiful day for shooting!

We even had a few visitors, and one new shooter, guest of Bad Crooked Aimes. We called him Roughneck Nineteen, but if he gets hooked, he may very well come up with his own name. ūüôā He said he had a hoot with us so we naturally invited him back anytime!

Roughneck is the husband of “Badder Crooked Aimes” who we saw last weekend!

We also got a visit¬†from a few shooters we haven’t seen in a while; Dillard, Barr Bear,¬†and C.B. Barr! C.B. didn’t stay to shoot the stages, but said hello!

After¬†all the shooting was done, we enjoyed delicious hamburgers and hotdogs, courtesy of Little Fat Buddy’s cooking and Sassy Jo’s help!

It was a great day and everyone talked about how they really had a good time. So if the rain kept you away, you missed it, but maybe next time!

Also¬†remember,¬†September 1st¬†is our Deadline for Ruckus in the Nations, and we’re filling up, so if you haven’t gotten your entries in, you should really think about¬†getting yours in¬†quick!

Anyway,¬†Scores are on the site! See y’all¬†next time!

-Purdy Good
Indian Territory SASS

Ruckus is Coming!

Boy howdy,¬†y’all!

Time has flown by this year and we’re sitting at only 60 days until¬†Ruckus¬†in the Nations is here!

We’ve been working up a flurry trying to make our range awesome and pretty enough for our State Championship, and we’re pretty proud of what we’ve managed to get going so far!

With this momentous occasion having been reached (60 days until the shoot!) we figured we should let you know the theme of this year’s¬†Ruckus:

That’s right. We’re writing stages and taking inspiration from Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall and the entire cast of Open Range. Ninety Caliber Al tells me the stages are going to be fun, fast, and furious.

But have you heard? There are only 39 days left to register!

Save your spot and come out to have a fun, great time with your buddies and fellow¬†cowfolk. We’re looking forward to seein’ all of your smilin’ faces at Buzzard Gulch!

Click here for registration forms. See you in September!

-Purdy Good

Old Timers Wednesday shoot and Sweating Contest Report:
Wednesday, we had a grand time shooting on the hottest day of the year so far, but it was not all that bad as we had a nice breeze blowing all day.
We shot at the Corral which is nice and open with lots of shade and with the breeze it was comfortable right up to 1200 o’clock when it became steamy.
We had SEVEN brave shooters, including Mr Vice Mayor, Bearded Wonder, his wife Miss Wonder and Daughter Little Wonder (AKA Gwendolyn, AKA Miss Busy).  Mr Vice Mayor took off a day from work and came to shoot with us and Miss Wonder shot and tried out her new guns.  She is already good with those pistols so hubby Bearded Wonder better watch out.
So¬†is¬†was hot, and since we are in a full moon cycle (for those of you who don’t look up at night) that combination caused the Fairies, Gremlins¬†and¬†Leprechauns to come out and mess up our guns.¬† Almost everyone had either cranky guns, broke guns, misfeeding ammo¬†and¬†one dummy dropped his wife’s rifle and knocked the sights out of alignment (that was yours truly).¬† During the¬†shoot¬†we had a mini-repair station at the unloading table.
Between the heat, Leprechauns and woodland fairies, no one got a clean match. Poor Tom Slick ALMOST made it but missed a small rifle target on the last stage. There was no joy for poor Tom.  (He he he, I did that, I put up the smallest target I could find).
Well, all of you missed a great fun shoot under unusual circumstances, but we all had a good time.
Keep on Shootin’
Little Fat Buddy
Congrats to our top shooters: Tom Slick, Tuckered Outlaw, and Bad Crooked Aimes! 
Scores are on the website,¬†y’all. ūüôā
-Purdy Good