Hey y’all! Here’s what Little Fat Buddy had to say about Wednesday:
Howdy there Cowboy Shooters,
Little Fat Buddy here of the Buzzard Gulch Gazette, reporting on the Fun Fun Fun Wednesday Shoot we had at the Gulch.
The Top Three Shooters were:
#1 Tuckered Outlaw,  #2 Smokin Okie and #3  Ninety Caliber Al.
Little Fat Buddy shot Clean
Bad Crooked Aims came in dead last, but that was due to ammo problems.
Everyone, the boys especially, need to thank Bad Crooked Aims for repairing the lights in the boys bathroom, so now we can “See to Pee”.   ????? Oops, Did I say that out loud??
The day started off with a light warm rain, but you would never have noticed it as it was SO HUMID. That humidity kept up most of the day, but our EIGHT intrepid Wednesday Shooters soldiered on and had a great time.
We shot 3 stages 2 times each and had lots of fun and laughs.
The next Wednesday shoot is scheduled for 23 October 19, maybe it will be cooler then.
Keep on Shootin
Little Fat Buddy

We’re also shooting this Sunday for our fifth Sunday shoot! With the cooler weather, we’ll be shooting 6 stages for sure and we’ll be shooting fast and furious! We hope you’ll join us!
Safety Meeting at 8:30AM shooting to start soon after!

Purdy Good

Indian Territory SASS
Hello friends!
We had a pretty eventful day today with our Robbers’ Ruckus shoot! It was a pretty muggy day and rained on us a bit on and off, but mostly it stayed overcast and kept the hot weather at bay.
We were treated to Rib Crib for lunch and a pretty amazing cake! You’ll have to see the pictures! (We’ll get those up on Facebook over the next few days!)
Everyone I heard talk about those stages loved them. They were fast and pretty fun! Ninety Caliber Al did a great job with them and we were even done a little earlier than we all expected to be!
My personal favorites (even though I missed on them both, ahem) were stage 1 where we had to throw the stick of dynamite before shooting followed closely by the last stage where we were given the 5 pistol/rifle targets and told to hit them all at least once, and it was shooter’s choice.
Big thanks to all the waddies, brass pickers, counters, and helpers throughout the whole day and during setup. The shoot wouldn’t have run so smooth without you!

Huge Congrats goes to the Top “Kids”; Iron Tomahawk KID, Josey KIDD, and Irish KID! They went home with the top three spots followed by Angus Red, Major Art Tillery, Half Rack, Speed Wagon, Alabama Bill, Catoosa Red, and Broncho Red to round out the top 10.

Another round of applause to those shooters that managed to get away clean!! Buffdriver, Josey Kidd, Little Fat Buddy, Tom Slick, and Tulsa Lawman!
The scores are all now posted on the website and if you have any photos or videos from today, we’d love if you would share them with us by including the hashtag #RobbersRuckus OR sending them to our Facebook group or Facebook page.
Thank you all again for helping to make today a great shoot for all! We hope to see you again soon!!
Purdy Good
Hey pards!
We hope those of you that got to go to the OK State shoot had a great time and shot great!
Today we had our regular monthly match and the weather was pretty nice this morning! We had a good time and even dragged out the Texas Star.
Big congrats to our top shooters, Irish Kid, Tuckered Outlaw, and Bad Crooked Aimes!
And sorry for my confusing email from before. We are NOT shooting Sunday. Today was our monthly match. Sorry friends, I’ve been working hard and got lost when I was writing!
Remember, we have a work party before Robbers’ Ruckus!  See us at Buzzard Gulch on Friday, September 20th to help get the final touches on the range. I’ll send another reminder email later with gate codes and details.
(Waddies get tickets for our annual drawings at our annual member Christmas Party! We’ve been writing everyone’s names down and adding them to the bucket all year!!)
We’re excited to see all of our friends for Robbers’ Ruckus on September 21st!
We can’t wait to see you on the range.
Purdy Good
Indian Territory SASS
Sorry y’all,
I had a pretty bad migraine and couldn’t get these out sooner, but here they are!

Irish reported to me that the day went well and it was a fun match, although a bit warm.

Congrats goes to Tuckered Outlaw for taking the top spot! Irish came in 2nd and Catoosa Red came in at 3rd. Way to go cowboys/girls!
Our next shoot will be Wednesday, August 28th for our monthly Old Timers and Liars Shooting Contest. I believe that’s what Little Fat Buddy calls it. 😉 They always have a lot of fun, so feel free to join them!

The scores are on the website!

Purdy Good