Howdy folks, Little fat Buddy with all the news fit to print from the 2019 Post Christmas Thursday shoot.
What a time we had.
Eighteen, yes, eighteen happy Christmas Elves came out for a fun winter shoot on the day after Christmas.    In keeping with the Christmas Spirit even the weather cooperated with beautiful weather, cool temperatures and light winds.
Our New Mayor, Bad Crooked Aims and his cadre of helpers, Tuckered Outlaw and Tom Slick, wrote up some fine stages for us to shoot:
There were two Merry Christmas Stages, two corral stages, one bordello stage and even a SPELLING CONTEST at the jail.  Yes a spelling contest for “HAPPY NEW YEAR, except the letters were mixed up and the correct spelling had to be shot in order.  One problem showed up however.  There were four letters on the shot gun targets which lasted exactly one shot before they were erased. So all we got to shoot was “HAPPY NEW YE”.
Well, I guess “Happy New Ye” got the message across ok.
Top shooters were:
# 1, Josey Kidd
#2, Lil Lump (A 12 year old sixth grade Buckaroo beat out all these guys)
#3 Tuckered Outlaw
#4 Brazos Valley Kid
Clean shooter was:
Josey Kidd
Our Next Shoot is the 5th Sunday shoot on 29 Dec 19, so come on out and don’t give up because maybe a 12 year old sixth grader won’t come out.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Keep on shootin Little fat Buddy
Hello friends!
We had a good, albeit cold time at our shoot yesterday and had 18 cowboys and cowgirls join us at the range!
Stages were written by Bearded Wonder who made them close and fast! So luckily, we got to enjoy our annual Christmas party around 1PM!
Big congrats goes to High Plains Hud, Angus Red, Irish Kid, Bearded Wonder, and Bad Crooked Aimes for taking the top 5 spots!

ALSO Big Round of Applause for our CLEAN Shooters: Bearded Wonder, Brazos Valley Kid, Gunny 00, High Plains Hud, and Irish Kid!

Thanks to everyone that came along to enjoy our shoot and the ITSASS Member Christmas Party!
Your Scores are on the website and I’ll share our party pictures on Facebook!

Purdy Good

Indian Territory SASS
Howdy Friends, Little Fat Buddy here with a report on the Sunday, 8 Dec 19 Shoot.
The day dawned clear and not too cold, but later clouded up along with a wind.  It was not too bad but it was cool.
We had 12 shooters come out and included in them was The Creek County Kid and Dead Eye Dillon, Clint Westwood, Matt Valentine, Snake Oil George and E.K. Hale.
Those guys put on a shooting display which was not too be missed. Dead eye Dillon had one stage of 9 Seconds.  His overall time for all six stages was 99 seconds.  WOW!!!
Dead Eye also wrote the stages which were new, challenging and FUN!!
Top shooter was, of course, Dead Eye Dillon
Second place was Creek County Kid (shocker)
Third place was Clint Westwood.
The clean match went to Clint Westwood.
Little Fat Buddy
Hello friends,
We had a great day yesterday! The weather stayed pretty cool and when it did get warm, it stayed nice and breezy!  We got started not long after 8:30am and got done by 11:30am!
Congrats to Little Fat Buddy for being the only clean shooter for the day! I heard reports that everyone else had a fun time. 🙂
​Our top shooters were Angus Red, Irish Kid, and Catoosa Red! Congrats guys!

Scores are up on the website.

We’re looking forward to seeing you again in October!​
​Purdy Good
Indian Territory SASS