Indian Territory SASS Tales

Hello friends!
We had a pretty eventful day today with our Robbers’ Ruckus shoot! It was a pretty muggy day and rained on us a bit on and off, but mostly it stayed overcast and kept the hot weather at bay.
We were treated to Rib Crib for lunch and a pretty amazing cake! You’ll have to see the pictures! (We’ll get those up on Facebook over the next few days!)
Everyone I heard talk about those stages loved them. They were fast and pretty fun! Ninety Caliber Al did a great job with them and we were even done a little earlier than we all expected to be!
My personal favorites (even though I missed on them both, ahem) were stage 1 where we had to throw the stick of dynamite before shooting followed closely by the last stage where we were given the 5 pistol/rifle targets and told to hit them all at least once, and it was shooter’s choice.
Big thanks to all the waddies, brass pickers, counters, and helpers throughout the whole day and during setup. The shoot wouldn’t have run so smooth without you!

Huge Congrats goes to the Top “Kids”; Iron Tomahawk KID, Josey KIDD, and Irish KID! They went home with the top three spots followed by Angus Red, Major Art Tillery, Half Rack, Speed Wagon, Alabama Bill, Catoosa Red, and Broncho Red to round out the top 10.

Another round of applause to those shooters that managed to get away clean!! Buffdriver, Josey Kidd, Little Fat Buddy, Tom Slick, and Tulsa Lawman!
The scores are all now posted on the website and if you have any photos or videos from today, we’d love if you would share them with us by including the hashtag #RobbersRuckus OR sending them to our Facebook group or Facebook page.
Thank you all again for helping to make today a great shoot for all! We hope to see you again soon!!
Purdy Good
Greetings fellow Cowboy Shooters.
Little Fat Buddy here reporting on the old timers shoot for Wednesday 24 July 1880.
We had 9 shooters come out including a good friend of Lucky Dollar, John Cannon.    He needed an Alias so we named him “Butch Cannon, Pinkerton Agent”.
Butch turned out to be a great guy and with the great help of Bad Crooked Aims we put guns in his hands and he shot every stage.   We hope to see him again soon.
Yes, nature shined on us at the range with cool temperatures a little breeze and beautiful surroundings.
BUT, for some reason, and I can’t figure it out, we had more “P”s that I ever saw before.
There were EIGHT “P”s !!   EIGHT !!!  And some people, me for instance had multiple “P”s.
So between the Eight “P”s and multiple misses no one shot clean, but we had a lot of laughs.
We shot at the Train Depot, the Freight Depot and the Corral.  It was fun fun fun, I am sorry people missed out.
Well that’s it for today folks.   Our next shoot is scheduled for 11 August 1880  and I hope the weather cooperates with us.
Thanks everyone who came out. The scores are on the website.
Little Fat Buddy,  Keep on Shootin

Indian Territory SASS
Hello friends!

We had a wonderful day of shooting yesterday! We had pretty decent weather with the clouds in the sky keeping it from being too terribly hot. We kept everyone hydrated, though, with plenty of water and starting earlier, at 8:30, really helped keep us cooler.

We had 17 shooters join in on our primer popping and Irish chose stages from the 2014 Ruckus in the Nations OK State Championship to have fun with.

We’ve been enjoying a new Buckaroo coming into the sport of Cowboy Action, Lever Action Kid! He joined us for the third time yesterday and on top of shooting his own match, he was a great brass picker!

At the end of the match, Lil’ Irish — my and Irish Kid’s boy (and yes he picked out his own name!) — was helping, too! We’re getting him ready, cowboys and girls! He’s almost there!
Lil Irish and Lever Action Kid stand side by side under the cover of our fort. Lever Action Kid looks back at the crowd before shooting his guns staged on the table in front of him. Lever Action Kid stands proudly with his brass picker and basket at our monthly cowboy action match.
​Both boys did great! We also had another visitor that I didn’t get to talk to much, but I dubbed “Green Horn” because of his green shirt and the fact that he was new to the sport! He shot a few stages and told us he had been thinking about getting into it for a while, but this was the first time he had ever shot a cowboy match. He sure was smiling a lot!​
Unfortunately, Cat City Slim and Smokin Okie were both plagued with some gun problems. Smokin Okie had one break on him so he decided to leave a little early, but Cat City Slim managed to stick it out.
We also enjoyed getting to visit with Prarie Ghost and Alabama Bill (over from Arkansas), Stank Eye Sue and her beau Silver Creek Drifter, as well as Hunny 00 and Gunny 00! But let’s be honest, it was good to see everyone that came out and shot. 🙂
Brazos Valley Kid chats with Alabama Bill while Cat City Slim goes up to the line to shoot and Irish Kid gets ready to run the timer. Silver Creek Drifter sits on a pew while Hunny 00, Cole Miner, Gunny 00, Lever Action's Dad, and Prairie Ghost watch a shooter.
Congrats to Irish Kid, Alabama Bill​, Gunny 00, Prarie Ghost, and Purdy Good for taking the top 5 spots!
​We look forward to seeing everyone this Saturday when we shoot again! It will be run by our resident concerned citizen, Little Fat Buddy while Irish and I have a family reunion to go to​. We know it’ll be a good time. Little Fat Buddy never ceases to make people smile!
Hello friends,
Man! It was a great day for a shoot, especially one that helped us share fun and food with our cowboy family.
The forecasted rain probably scared some of you away today, but for those that came out and enjoyed the match and lunch with us today, thank you again so much for coming out and celebrating Miracle Man and Shawnee with us today.
We started the day with a little background on each of our friends, and a story about how our club got started thanks to Shawnee and his wonderful wife, Windblown. We shared some pictures of each of the men doing what they loved, and shared a moment of silence before the shooting began!
Miracle Man and Shawnee Memorial Shoot 5-11-19.jpg
The drizzle only lasted for the first stage or two, and only now and again before it stopped, leaving us with a lot of fun to be had!
We had a lot of new shooters from Miracle Man’s family come and try the sport, as well as an old friend, Dewmour Good, who came out just to watch and be a part. We didn’t come up with any good cowboy aliases today, so yours truly gave them nicknames for the day: “Jackaroo Jason” and “Good Ol’ Boy Brian”. “Trusty Trev” has shot with us before, but I don’t think he has an alias yet, just getting started.

New shooters-with-Barr-Bear and Longtown Lefty at Memorial Shoot 5-11-19.jpg
Miracle Man’s wife came out to watch and enjoy as well. Windblown was unfortunately out of town, so we might just have to have another shoot in memory of our cowboy friends! (Why not?!)
Luckily for all, we said it was a No P day. Nobody made it out clean today, and I know there were plenty of P’s that would have made it onto the scoresheet if we’d counted them!

Irish wrote the stages all to be a little different and a lot of fun. Stage 1 had the rifle targets lined up, single file. Stage 2, we used the BIG cowboy target as a dump at the far berm, and a smaller cowboy just across the creek as a pistol target, plus 6 shotgun targets! Stage 3 saw the pards shooting one pistol on one side, then rifle, then the second pistol on the other side of the Corral. And finally, at the Hotel, everything seemed doable; Three on the outside targets, 2 on the inside targets for both pistol and rifle. Then 2 shotgun targets.

05-11-19 Irish Kid explains the stage at the Hotel Miracle Man and Shawnee.jpg

After all of that, Bearded Wonder treated us to the burgers he cooked on the grill and bacon covered steak bites that Barr Bear brought for us to enjoy (they were SO good). There were chips, Texas caviar, pasta salad, chip dips, pies, cakes, cookies.. it was a great spread!

Getting food from the grillmaster Miracle Man and Shawnee memorial.jpg
It was a fine day for remembering friends and seeing family.
Congrats goes to Charles B. Gatewood for taking the top spot, followed by Irish Kid, and Barr Bear. (No one made it out clean, either!)

Scores are on the website for you! Facebook will have a lot of pictures and Videos to come soon.

Also, don’t forget we’re having a Mother’s Day shoot tomorrow! All the ladies will be shooting CLEAN(!) and I have a couple of ladies-only giveaways. 🙂
Purdy Good