Welcome To I.T.S.A.S.S

Indian Territory SASS is the oldest Single Action Shooting Society club in Oklahoma. We are very proud to preserve and promote the History of the Old West as well as competetive shooting.

Check out our story by clicking on our “Rememberin’ When” tab (left).

Our range is open to anyone and everyone who is interested in watching or joining our club. The range is located on John Zink Ranch several miles north of Sand Springs.

Click Here for Map and Directions to Range

We shoot on the third weekend of the month, the forth Wednesday, and the fifth Sunday. Click the Shootin’ Schedule page for more information.

Each year in September we hold the Ruckus in the Nations, the Oklahoma Cowboy Action Shooting State Championship! Click HERE for more information.

Indian Territory SASS is proud to be a SASS affiliated club.

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Mayor Irish Kid phone: 918.207.7586
email: kwroark@yahoo.com
Vice-Mayor The Bearded Wonder phone: 918.240.3272
email: daniel.wise@fisherproductsllc.com
Co-Sheriff Miracle Man phone: 918.671.1649
email: miracleman1961@gmail.com
Co-Sheriff Ninety Caliber Al phone: 918.855.7667
email: amadera@sbcglobal.net
Town Clerk Purdy Good phone: 918.313.7238
email: purdyshooter@gmail.com
Banker Marmalade phone: 918.557.6928
email: white8524@sbcglobal.net
Town Crier  Neeter Bear  phone: 918-645-4199
email: ntrbear02@aol.com
Record Keeper
Territorial Governor Brother Jim phone: 918.510.8405



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